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Copyright Super Teacher Ideas Spelling Homework Ideas Look up the definition for each word, write the definition in your own words, and use each word in a sentence with context clues, showing you know what each word means. Paul sent in a homework chart in which he allows students to choose their spelling assignments. Each of his assignments fall into one of these categories making, writing, finding, using, or games.

Spelling Homework Ideas - Spelling Words Well Words that contain a root or base word and list as many other words you know of with the same root or base word. (spectacles = spectator, spectacular, inspector, inspection, perspective, etc. Check out our first 20 homework ideas, our spelling word games, and our spelling worksheets for more great practice ideas. We also recommend the AnyWord Spelling Practice eBooks. The books are full of ideas for lots of spelling practice with any spelling words. The 3 eBooks provide practice with creative writing, word play, and partner games.

Best Spelling Homework images Spelling homework. Get Free sample homework templates or Homework planners & Schedule Templates here for assisting in your homework task. Results 1 - 20 of 30631. See more ideas about Spelling homework, Spelling and Spelling. Spelling words tic-tac-toe freebie and more ideas for creative, cheap.

Creative Ways to Help Your Youngster Practice Spelling Words Every school has a very different learning pattern and system of teaching as well. Here are 18 creative and interactive ways to practice spelling words. This is a variation on the old “write your words ten times” homework.

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